Architectural Drafting

Town of Islip Expeditors can help you with drafting plans for new home construction, home redesign, addition, elevation, floor plan, and renovation.

We are knowledgeable in site plans showing irrigation, landscaping, drainage, and parking calculations, we also work with architects to ensure all layouts are tolerant for structural considerations. At Town of Islip Expeditors, architectural plans are done with the customer in mind. At our initial meeting, you can convey your ideas to the layout team and we can provide feedback and suggestions. Most people ask us 'how can I tell you what I am thinking", the easiest way is to print what you like from the internet or home magazines. Your feedback will allow us to determine the focus and direction of the assignment. Drafts are essential checkpoints where you can review your progress and determine if the assignment is on track.


Town of Islip Expeditors can help you to create a spacious layout for all your needs and much more. We will plan different furniture layouts for each room which is a crucial step in your layout process. we are making sure that the windows and doors of the room will be placed in the correct locations. Proper positioning is key in this step because you, as the customer, will visualize and grasp the idea of how large a room needs to be. Our state-of-the-art laser measuring equipment yields measurements accurate to 1/32 of an inch.

Cost Considerations

In addition to creating a prominent layout, Town of Islip Expeditors can also provide an estimate of the cost of construction so that you are ensured of not over your budget. We are very attentive when it comes to being within budget for our customers and their projects. We never want to make our customers feel overwhelmed when it comes to these issues. Furthermore, we will help you to guarantee that you are not also overdesigned for the specific neighborhood that you will begin construction in.


Our clients are entitled to be informed if there are any zoning issues that they should be made aware of. It is necessary for our company to notify our clients if there are any variances for the house they are building for their property.


Tired of living on top of each other? make more space with an addition to you your home.

in order to make these additions to your home, you will need a permit.
Town of Islip Expeditors can not only get your permits approved but also provide drafting plans that are approved by the islip building department.


Dormers add space to the inside of your room when you cant build out. You can use a dormer to add another window to your home and break up the monotonous appearance of your roof, or to add another whole level to your home. Many people add dormers because they view their current attic as wasted space that provides a lot of floor space, but not enough room between it and the ceiling.

Room Additions

Town of Islip Expeditors offers a wide selection of room additions from Home Gym, Office, Family Room, Sunroom, Garage to more complex arrangements such as Parent and Child Suite, and other Accessory Dwelling Units. Town of Islip Expeditors can not only provide drafting plans but also get you the necessary permits required for occupancy.

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