Room Renovation and Conversions

Our Architectural designers can turn your 3 bedroom home into a 4 bedroom home while keeping the same style the home was built with initially. you wouldn't even realize it was an addition.

parent and child suite

A parent and child suite is an add-on created specifically for additional residents who are moving in permanently and are often senior citizens. At Town of Islip Expeditors, we can design a suite based on your needs including all the amenities that you find in a home with a separate entrance.

Home Office

Whether you need a small, simple space to work or a spacious environment for welcoming clients and hosting meetings, Town of Islip Expeditors can customize a convenient office or study for you.

Family Room

While most homes have a living room, a family room is a space that’s less formal and better suited for kids, and games are also known as a recreational room. However, if you decide to use this as an all-purpose room, Town of Islip Expeditors can design it to your specs.


Long Island gets a lot of year-round sunshine, but the heat can make it difficult to enjoy. By adding in a Sun-room with windows as large as floor to ceiling you will be able to soak up rays in perfect comfort. Sun-rooms make great additions to kitchens, libraries, and reading areas next to the living room


Want to park your car indoors away from the snow, rain, heat, and cold weather? Or have you been eyeing a sports car that you always wanted to be in showroom condition? At Town of Islip Expeditors, we can design a garage with lifts and a construction workbench.

Home Gym Addition

Despite our best efforts, sometimes getting to the gym just doesn’t happen life’s daily demands taking up our time. But when your gym is in our home it makes it a lot easier to work out. Whether you just need to maintain what you have or you're a bodybuilder. At Town of Islip Expeditors, we can design a custom workout gym to meet your budget.

Can I add an apartment to my home?

It is permissible to add an apartment to a home in some cases. The zoning resolution that a building resides in must allow the additional dwelling units to be added and the property must meet all requirements for zoning. Finally, the DOB must issue a building permit and finally a Certificate of Occupancy to add the additional unit. If you have these requirements then an expediter will tell you everything is fine, your home has no Illegal Conversions.

What is an Illegal Conversion?

Illegal Conversions are created when one or more units are created within a one family dwelling. The single family home is usually modified or altered in various ways by creating a fully functioning illegal basement apartment, illegal garage conversion, cellar or basement entrance, detached garage, widening of a driveway, deck or balcony, etc.

What if I already added a bathroom or additional unit? Is it part of what is considered an Illegal Conversion?

If you have a permit from the Buildings Department, and a Certificate of Occupancy then it is almost for sure legal. Otherwise, you need to deal with the Hempstead Illegal Conversions. You have two choices. It can be removed or you can have it legalized with the help of Town of Islip Expeditors.

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