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If you're looking to get your permit applications accepted in a timely manner you've come to the right place. Town of Islip Expeditors has been in the business of drafting, designing, and permit expediting for construction projects for over 25 years and is a leader in expediting services in the long island area. For each application, Town of Islip Expeditors prepares all required items that must be satisfied before plan approval, permit issuance, and or sign-off. We are very knowledgeable about the town of islip building code and we stay up to date on all requirement changes made by the Town of Islip Building Department. if you have questions concerning the processing of your paperwork our expeditors will be happy to assist you.

Getting your construction project off the ground doesn't have to be a headache, Town of Islip Expeditors can help you with any of the following:

Accessory Permit (Commercial)

Accessory Permit (Residential)

Addition Permit (Commercial)

Addition Permit (Residential)

Alteration Permit

Building Permit

Change of Occupancy

Change of Tenant

Change of Use

Demolition Permit

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Permit

Engineering Land Grading Permit

Fire Prevention Systems Permit (Commercial)

Fire Prevention Systems Permit (Residential)

Generator Permit (Commercial)

Generator Permit (Residential)

New Structure Permit (Commercial)

New Structure Permit (Residential)

Land Clearing Permit

Pool/ Hottub/ Spa Permit

Portable Storage Unit Permit

Rental Occupancy Permit

Sign Permit

Unified Solar Permit

Wetlands and Watercourses Permit

Zoning Board of Appeals Approval

Engineering Site Plan Approval

Architectural Approval

Department of Public Works Approval

Town Board Approval

Avoid Objections, Call Town of Islip Expeditors and get your permits approved the first time.

One tiny missing detail in your paperwork can cause a month or two-long delay in your construction plans. You may even need more money before you can start construction again. Or, you might spend money on an inspection that you didn’t really need, and fixes that weren’t necessary to procure your building permits. Town of Islip Expeditors can keep buildings permit disasters from happening.

How Long Do Permits Last?

As Per Islip Town Code-
Any building permit authorized, approved, or granted by authorization of a special permit by the Town Board shall become void if the building permit has not been secured within 12 months from the date of such authorization, approval or special permit and work commenced and/ or completed within 24 months from the date of the issuance of the permit, or the lot or premises used for the purposes granted by the said authorization, approval or special permit within 12 months from the date of order or decision of the Islip Town Board.

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