Correcting a Violation

Correcting a Violation usually requires the legalization of the existing violation and an inspection of the structure to ensure in accordance with the guidelines of the building department. It’s possible that you will have to pay a penalty while the Violations are being corrected. In cases where there are signs of construction without permits, you will have to pay both Civil Penalties and Violation fees. Depending on what violations you have, you may need an expeditor and an engineer or an architect to correct and obtain a certificate of occupancy.

Failure or refusal to procure a permit required under the Town Code shall be a violation.

Violation Hearing

At Town of Islip Expeditors We urge you to take your Violations seriously. If you have received a Violation telling you to come to a hearing and you or your representative don’t show up to the hearing, you will be in a Violation default status. If that happens, you will get an order that states that since you didn’t show up, you must now pay DOUBLE the amount for your fine.

In this situation, you can ask for another hearing. To do this you have to fill out the proper form that you can get from the Violation website or in person at their offices. You have to do this within 45 days from the date you missed the Violation hearing.

At the new hearing, you will have to explain why you didn’t show up the first time. If you get a Violation default order and don’t ask for another hearing, then you have to pay the fines. Therefore, this is not a good practice and you must answer the default order. Even if it is more than 45 days after the original hearing date, it is sometimes possible to get a new hearing and avoid a late penalty, but you don’t know until you try.

Stop Work Order

When a stop-work order has been issued no work can proceed on that project until the stop-work order has been removed or unless the specific work to be undertaken has been approved in writing by an authorized employee of the Town of Islip.

Not-To-Be-Occupied Order

When the town issues a not-to-be occupied order to a building or structure it cannot be occupied except for the purposes of inspecting or securing the building or structure. At Town of Islip Expeditors, we can get this order removed.

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