Contact your municipality to find out if any existing construction on your property lacks legally required Certificates.

Engineer Certifications

Town of Islip Expeditors has New York State certified engineers and licensed architects who deal with the affidavits and certifications needed to show that the building was in fact erected in conformity with the plans filed with the Building Department.

Plumbing Certification

Any install, repair, alteration, or modification to any plumbing or heating system or fixture must be performed by a licensed Plumber under the town of Islip. Any new conduction requiring a plumbing permit cannot be conducted prior to obtaining the necessary permits for the job.

Electrical Certification

It is unlawful for any person to install or cause to be installed or to alter or repair electrical wiring for light, heat, or power until an application for inspection has been filed with an approved electrical inspection service. It shall be unlawful for any person to connect or cause to be connected electrical wiring for light, heat or power to any source of electrical energy prior to the issuance of a temporary certificate or a certificate of compliance by an approved electrical inspection service.

Electrical Inspection

Electrical inspectors must give a written report to the Chief Fire Marshal and Chief Building Inspector and the owners and/or lessees of property where defective electrical installations and equipment are found on inspection and authorize the issuance of a certificate of compliance when electrical installations and equipment are in accordance with the town code.

Certificate Of Occupancy

According to Islip Town Code, No building hereafter built can be occupied or used, in whole or in part, until a certificate of occupancy shall have been issued by the Building Commissioner certifying that such building conforms substantially to the permit and the requirements of law applying to buildings of its class. If the use of such building after being built or altered is not consistent with the last certificate issued it is unlawful to occupy that building unless remedied with the appropriate permit(s).

Certificate of Compliance

A certificate of compliance may be issued for any structure which was erected prior to July 1, 1938, and which does not meet the requirements of the current New York State Building Code, provided that it was done in accordance to with all applicable zoning requirements and upon inspection was determined that the structure is sound and safe in the determination of the Commissioner, or designee.

Code of Compliance

When filing the structure or renovation, if it is older than 4 years the Town of Islip does not require full construction floor plans of the entire home. Sometimes they will waive the electrical and plumber underwriting certification.

Suffolk Health Department

If house is built prior to 1973, the town only allows to increase home with the same number of bedrooms. If the home was built after 1973 you are allowed to have up to four bedrooms even if the certificate of occupancy says three. Health Department allows a kitchen, eating area, family room and dinning rooms. Any additional rooms will be called out as bedrooms. Sometime when doing an extension on the home we will need to update cesspool/ septic tank.

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